Ellis Medicine needed workforce management technology to support the mandated consolidation of three hospitals into a single entity. During the transition, transparency and accountability were priorities.


Real-time data information through integrated Human Resources and Payroll, Staffing and Scheduling and Time and Attendance solutions.


  • Reduction in overtime expenses reached nearly 50%, which equates to a savings of almost $2 million
  • Payroll processing error rate of only .004%
  • Significant decrease in unscheduled absences

Located in upstate New York, Ellis Medicine is one of the largest providers serving the Albany, Troy and Schenectady communities. The product of a state mandated consolidation of three area hospitals, Ellis Medicine is comprised of four campuses and ten additional service locations. With 438 beds, Ellis Medicine supports a workforce of 3,400 plus 600 affiliated physicians.

Consolidation is most often met with anxiety as employees worry about job security, policy changes and other personal factors that impact how and when they do their jobs. The leadership team at Ellis Medicine seized the opportunity to build a new culture for their new organization—a culture that was rooted in transparency and accountability for every employee from the top down.

Fully aware of the impact and how it might disrupt the patient experience, the leadership team at Ellis Medicine sought to develop a specific plan designed to tackle retention, recruitment and engagement. The selection of an integrated workforce management system was the cornerstone of that plan. Technology would be the solution to maximizing the workforce and supporting a proactive culture that would lead to long term fiscal sustainability.

A Single Integrated Database
Ellis Medicine was faced with a challenge of merging disparate platforms, homegrown solutions and manual processes that were cumbersome and ineffective for the long term. Ellis Medicine needed to identify a single technology platform that would keep the hospital running while maintaining the processes that support employees and the organization’s bottom line.

Knowing that full cooperation and support was needed from every single employee at the organization, the team jumped head first into enterprise-wide collaboration with the understanding that they only had one chance to get it right.

Achieving Long Term Sustainability
API Healthcare’s Workforce Optimization Solutions provided Ellis Medicine a centralized view of data for every employee. Employees embraced the system as they could now access their personnel information, such as time cards, PTO, benefits and schedules from anywhere at any time.

Staffing data is also paired with census information so that real-time nurse to patient ratios are displayed on their intranet, available for all employees to view. Ellis Medicine realized many tangible results tied to the organization’s operational and financial health. The first measureable result came with improved payroll processing. The first live payroll processed after implementation from more than 3,400 checks, had an error rate of only .004 percent.

“Having the capability and flexibility of adjusting and redeploying workforce is invaluable. Real-time data allows managers to make decisions at any given moment on who works, where each person will work, and if there is a need for redeployment, of which could quickly have an impact on scheduling and overtime.”

– Joe Giansante, Vice President of Human Resources, Ellis Medicine

Overtime costs have been greatly reduced because schedulers, managers and executives have early access to information about potential overtime, allowing them to proactively take corrective measures and reallocate resources. Early on, overtime costs were significantly reduced in a single quarter. Those savings continue to accumulate, including a 26.7% and $721,622 reduction in overtime during comparable six month windows year over year.

Since the implementation of the Staffing and Scheduling Solution, it is now much easier to track unscheduled absences. Ellis Medicine has experienced a SIGNIFICANT decrease in unscheduled absences due to the transparency of the system. This solution provides Ellis Medicine leaders with the tools they need to ensure adequate staffing so patients receive the best care at all times.

“With help from API Healthcare, we are a single aligned organization that has achieved financial viability without compromising quality of care. We have also achieved high employee satisfaction scores, which is remarkable considering this was accomplished during a time that is traditionally disruptive to employee morale. Having state of the art technology to drive an engaged workforce allows us to support our entire team today and in the future.”

– Sara Zappi, Director, Human Resources, Ellis Medicine