Open Shift Management

Reduce labor costs and improve staff engagement across the entire continuum of care.

Transform your staffing and scheduling process.

When your workforce includes hundreds of employees and constantly fluctuating census, open shifts are inevitable. Without the right skills-based workforce management tools in place, nurse and staffing managers spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to fill scheduling gaps. Not only is this inefficient, but it leads to increased costs and reduced employee satisfaction.

Reduce premium labor costs by leveraging the most cost-effective, qualified staff to fill open shifts.

GE Healthcare provides open shift management tools with CentricityTM ShiftSelect® and CentricityTM Staffing and Scheduling. Increase employee satisfaction by empowering them to choose when they want to work based on experience, competencies, personal preferences and job qualifications. Using instant communication tools such as text messages, voicemail and email, managers can save one to two hours or more each day by instantly broadcasting open shift notifications to all qualified staff. Save countless hours using instant communication strategies to fill open shifts.

Centricity staff scheduling solutions are entirely web-based so managers and staff can access schedules and shift requests from anywhere with an Internet connection. As part of a comprehensive workforce management solution, GE Healthcare’s open shift management can help drive sustainable change across an entire organization.

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